SOULDRIFTA XL Basement Sessions

by 72 Soul

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SOULDRIFTA XL Basement Sessions

All these tracks were recorded and mixed live in a basement in Ixelles (Brussels)

Many thanks to Martin, Martin, José & Florent!

All Rights Absurd (c) Lazy Rebel Recordings 2017


released August 13, 2017

Vocals & Lyrics - Peter Beda (72 Soul)
Drums - Martin Méreau
Keys - Martin Daniel
Bass - José Chavez
Guitar, Mixage & Pre-Mastering - Florent Jeunieaux

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all rights reserved


72 Soul Brussel

72 Soul is that beautiful fresh cool breeze that comes around every blue moon to uplift and bring laughter to any willing ear with an open mind.

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Track Name: Pay The Bills
Is your job getting to you?
Your boss getting to you?
Your life getting to you?
Your mind getting to you?
Is the politician taking money out your pockets?
Are you on the boat, but you don’t want to rock it?
Do you wanna go where the wild flowers grow?
Or do you wanna go where the economy blows?
You don’t know so you got a long way to go
Lost on the road to that new world order,
old world sorta, on the border of insanity, child
Hold on to that cash, it only lasts for a while
Talk to your accountant, fix your style
Put it in your pockets, in a taxfree zone
Let the King watch the throne, the bank give you a loan
We all die alone
So do you wanna stay in the freezone, or do you wanna get violent?
Do you wanna sleep late, or think about it?

You can pay the bills, don’t ask no questions
But don’t be no slave to no slave master

Can you handle the vibe?
Can you get it on live?
Can you walk the streets without broken pride?
Can you handle the comedown after the high?
Can you follow the flow?
Can you groove with the soul?
Can you live through the darkest of nights?
Can you take in stride what you’re trying to hide?
Can you stop smoking? Keep drinking?
Stop toking? Keep thinking?
Stop sniffing the little white lines?
Stop believing the capital crimes?
Can you cope without dope?
Cope without hope?
Did you go see the doctor, for your medication?
Do you wanna be free of all your frustrations?
White powder dreams for the whole wide nation!
I see you digging deep for some mind elevation
Brother-brother please
Busy-busy bees, can't die standing up, living on your knees
Track Name: Feel
I’m fighting with how I feel
Got a platform to make you heal
Play the cards, time to deal
Freedom is the lack of fear

Don’t be afraid, dear
Show'em how your really feel

I contemplate my career
None of your bizniz here
Maybe it’s time to move on
Go somewhere where I’m wanted

I can’t stay on my knees
Killing my homemade dreams
If you keep it locked and sealed
You’ll never put your mind at ease

Don’t be afraid, dear
Show'em how your really feel

Always wonder if you smile sincere
Everyone means something here
Cool and faded, that’s for sure
I hope I never shout no more

Can’t tell you how much I care
When you’re givin’ me the crazy stare
So we slipped and fell down the stairs
You know sometimes life, it ain’t fair
Track Name: Ring Fingers
Break it on down
I just like to improvise
Why they telling all those lies?
Hope you suckers realize
I ain’t trying to do no thang
If you can’t feel my swing
When you talking like you swag
I ain’t got no jet lag
Always get the record straight
Many styles and hidden crates
New song, wicked
Write it, kick it
Spirits, lifted
Minds be shifted
We can stick it
Maybe, lick it
Weirdos riders, get up higher
We supposed to kick it tight
We can get it on all night
Don’t know why we don’t say hi
As long as we get it right
You wanna be in my zone
Never leave a dog a bone
Used to be so home alone
Now who sitting on my throne
You keep calling on the phone
But I want that other ho’
Rappers stick to lazy flows
72 he innovate (uh-oh)

It’s a loser type thing
To keep yourself in pain
and the beat is quite nang
but do your fingers need those rings