Take It Or Leave It EP

by 72 Soul

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Even when he’s leisurely doing fuck-all, 72 Soul creates product brighter than Kanye’s shoes. This summer, Lazy Rebel Recordings is proud to present a Bandcamp compilation of previously released tracks by the legend himself. Strong beats, soft lyrics, timeless music: the sensual, intimate universe of Belgian underground rap crooner 72 Soul lets your imagination run free. For contemporary people who doubt between hope and despair: Take It Or Leave It EP.


released August 6, 2014

Vocals & Lyrics by 72 Soul
Beats by DUL x IndigOHigh x ShunGu x Adjaman
Figub Brazlevič x Title x Huesstick x Real Connoisseur
Written + Recorded at the Lazy Lounge between 08/2013 & 08/2014
2014 © Lazy Rebel Recordings



all rights reserved


72 Soul Brussel

72 Soul is that beautiful fresh cool breeze that comes around every blue moon to uplift and bring laughter to any willing ear with an open mind.

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Track Name: Expect Something Different
Smoke free since day three, chillin’ since forever and a day
Making butta beats sound even better
Take the second letter to the 5th, add the 4th and come back to the first
Upon the scene I burst, spell my name like Bensonhurst
That means I’m chillin’. Top billin’ on a Californicator feelin’
Either that or I’m flyin’ with the birds, up in the sky with the Facebook Nerds
Let me introduce.. no crew, just me and a deuce, toke one, got beaucoup game
I ain’t playing, living in a world where they be steady complaining
Too many clouds, too many doubts, always it be raining
But baby I’m a water sign..
I listen to da beat, grab the pad and pen some lines
About how it feels to work the nine to five
Slave to the grind, society capital crime
Rockin’ church with alligators, fuck it.. I’ll think about a concept later
Almost there, straight paying bills, still chasing after dividends
Never took the easy way, so expect something different..

If you’re looking for a player
Expect something different
If you’re waiting for the album to drop
Expect something different
If you’re thinking about a paycheck
Expect something different

And they said hip hop was dead..
I listen to Gummy Soul, good lord..
Petty, short but sweet and Kurtis Stanley, man of the people
That song just made my day like Morris lookin’ in the mirror
Jerome! Bring me more beats and flows for my dome to come home to
Freshly pressed from Bandcamp, pay what you like like a real champ
As you lust for the record deal, what a beautiful stress
Going for the gusto, but I might do it for less
Tight excited, get it right all-nighter
Looking for the Light, feel the heat gettin’ brighter
Blink my eyes, nappy heads know the score
Think I’m gonna love myself a little bit more
Music with beats makes my heart feel stronger
I fall for any pretty face (as you do) but only if she’s heaven sent
I can’t give you more of what you want.. expect something different.

If you slow to understand this
Expect something different
If you follow Peter ‘cos he look good
Expect something different
The way you saw me in the video
Expect something different
This is strictly for the listeners, who
Expect something different

If you think the rebel’s lazy
Expect something different
If you see me barkin’ up a tree, dog
Expect something different
If you’re looking for some plain shit
Expect something different
If you’re into what I’m saying
Expect something different

{C’est different}
Track Name: Sometimes I Wander
Sometimes I wonder what life is like outside a youtube box
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live life hard knock
On the corner of the block smoking pops and moms in the store giving head to a customer shot
Sometimes I wonder… about the haves and have nots
Like should I really keep a job that keeps me locked
on the first floor of a building with people in a headlock, they blocked.. they block me
and everybody tells me it’s good money and I should really keep it locked
Sometimes I wonder how much patience one man got
Sometimes I feel my life is passing by, I’m still reading the textbook, asking why
Sometimes I wonder how one person can be so fly.. oh. tell me why
Sometimes I feel that I should really try to do more than just get by
One love, one life..
Sometimes I wonder why I take a left when deep inside I know what’s right
Sometimes I feel my days are spent in darkness waiting for bright nights
Sometimes I feel like waiting is all I do
Its’ time to take control, follow the soul
Time to make it hot, step out the cold
Sometimes I wonder why I don’t listen to my instincts no more
Sometimes I’m burning with desire, but then I just let it go

Sometimes I wander, lust.


I’m steppin out
The comfort zone
Track Name: Just Vibe
The smooth voice, no choice but to listen
The cool dude, old skool like french kisses
The good looks, the life long reputation
The dirty mind, every day a new sensation
The tight skillz, like they ever paid the bills
The ill flow, it’s the Seven to the Soul
Hard to be a prophet and still make a profit
You know the deal, I get for free what I can’t steal
I see what you don’t see, mainly living in my dreams
But I ain’t squeaky clean so please don’t be a tease
I done did some shit I shouldn’t have done did
Somewhere between a dominant male, and a spoiled kid
Mumble wisdom like a guru, humble mind state when I meditate
Bless the beats and set the record straight
The love boat rebel got quotes for days
If this life is just a game, well let’s play…

Just vibe ya’ll

Motherfuckin’ bitch you must be dreamin’
Mumblin’ bullshit in a young girls’ear ring
My style golden you don’t come near
you weak ass loser posin’ - your lack of confidence is showing
like Moses looking up to God for instructions
Smoke too much then you get the munchies
No talent squeeze ya balls like crunchies
You ain’t nothing but a frontin’ insecure rotten quick forgotten
I gives a fuck about your vibe bitch.
I’m a kill with mines stackin’ rhymes like dymes
If fakin’ is a crime they need to put you inside, the looney bin,
The crazy grin ..
See you walking down the streets with ya eyes to the ground
Steady talking like you’re deep, ain’t seen you around in a while
You stalkin’ bitches but you can’t get even smile
Oh, wait a minute.. you wanna see the other side?
Shit.. well just vibe.
Track Name: Too Many Beats
Too many beats, not enough emcees
Sometimes I pay, sometimes I cop for free
Spark the la, grab the pad and pen, like Phife
I’m all the way Live, Faber-Castell ou freestyle
Mon microphone, il est orange
Si c’est monotone, eh ben je change
J’ai pas une tete a frange et pour la weed on s’arrange
Suk le beat, yoh, je navire, la nouvelle vague m’inspire
72 Soul drop flows like King Lear
Dig what RAP did for Shakespeare
The lazy rebel, funky poet, crazy devil
Never take things for granted, that’s why we never panic
Every Monday’s manic if you don’t like Life Organic
Hey Janet, can you name this tune?
It’s just another stereotype for you to consume
Governed by Rules and Controlled by Fools
The Lazy Revolution come soon
Different Colors will rule
In the meantime, be cool
Relax, don’t act a fool
Let me take you back to school
You know how we do, beats by ShunGu
Je pose, me metamorphose en poseur de prose qui ose, augmenter la dose
From the Capetown Flats to the Brussels Suburbs, Yessirrrr..
We put into words what we observe- Nah mean?
Pushing buttons on ya muttons.. You sayin nuttin, all of a sudden?
What too many beats means to me is no fronting:
I gotta kick something that means something.
Track Name: New Patterns
We like trippin on the vibe
Creating New Patterns for what matters in Life
Can’t work nine to five, can’t sit home and vibe all the time
Get high..
Hank said Don’t Try, that’s why I’m So Fly
True Inspiration comes daily with Mine
I can do it Once or like Multiple Times
This ain’t a hustle or grind
It comes Naturally, in-factually
I drops seeds to change your Beliefs
To give you what you need, I shall proceed
My Rhymes create Life like the birds and the bees
Superior mind flow or so it seems I achieve
My dreams, Create my own Reality
So Lost but now I’m Free, it’s not hard to See
That Super Soul Brother getting’ props from ya Motha
Clearly classic, strictly fantastic, merely asking
I mean I’m only sayin’, I was into minors, and then I majored
Trust the skills and pay my bills later
No time for delaying, droppin’ that Old Skool Flavor
Write Rhymes Over Beats for Future Generations
I’m Picky with Patience, I dig my Young Nation
You outside the Clinic, hanging with patients
I doctor the Beats with Dre in the Basement
Creating new patterns, Renew my beliefs now ..
Track Name: Family Affair
Attention Ho playin’ it safe like a safe player Yo
Plus every time we speak it’s always Me Me Me
Well I guess that’s what sells.. It ain’t hard to tell
5% talent and 95% glorifying your own Imagery
That’s like 100% Bullshit if you ask me
Lettin’ people help you out but never give Anything back
The Reverse Wack Syndrome, like what the Eighties did to Crack
Living off someone else’s name, is the way you play the game
Your so-called hunger for the Fame, is just your ego goin’ insane
While you’re scared of innovation and everything unseen
I drop flows to make you complain about the Scene
Come clean like Jeru, damage you with the Static coming from my latest Mix
As you turn Trix in safe circles.. Now this is sick :
You ask your friends to Like your posts, so you can see your status grow? Shiiiit.

It’s a family affair, look but don’t stare
It’s a family affair, look but don’t stare
It’s a family affair.. Act like you don’t care

As you hang safely with your crew of fakers, players and Naysayers
I dream up my own world, internationally known like Isatou Touray is
Always schooling someone, ‘cos ya’ll need to be school’d
I appreciate being in self-doubt much more then being anybody’s fool
Saying out loud what most won’t dream of thinking downlow
See the followers applaud like it’s all part of the Show
You bought enough Likes to make it through December
You’re caught, Psyche! in 50 years Nobody will remember
In this Life it’s Give-it-all or Order take-out
Keep rolling with the punches, as you dream of moving down South

« Avant t’avais une start-up, une belle affaire..
Maintenant t’es juste un Faux Fonctionnaire. »

It’s a family affair, look but don’t stare
It’s a family affair, look but don’t stare
It’s a family affair.. Act like you don’t care
Track Name: Waiting Room
I throw away dimes, insignificant pieces, I see myself rich, money don’t need it
End of the month Platinum Visa, help me get through, buy food and good music
Karma I used it all up and abused it, like children’s amusement, coming home using
I remember the devil in me
I remember the rebel in me
Inside a taxi I saw your reflection, flicking a cigarette in your general direction
I understand your contempt but not your redemption
That was me getting off medication, three years frustration
Lazy behaviour, can’t seem to connect with anyone major
Like 69 pagers, Indian flavors, blackness my saviour
Alone in the sun bathing, sunk my teeth in her ass cheeks.. she looked so amazing
No age and no limits, I deliver no gimmicks, don’t know why I say this
Let’s pray for the Buddha and Crocodile noodles, don’t always assume what they do is too soon
And every girl is my friend but I don’t have a girlfriend
So who are you anyway, trying to feel love again, lust is the last word to say
My friend you ain’t real, carry no steel, let grow your beard
Do as you please, on my knees you can’t see me
I’m just trying to make it work see
I’m just trying to make it work see
Can’t always come out, to play and have some
No I can’t come, smoke with you none
When you drink it’s no fun, only escapism
Not being racist that’s the new racism
Between fanmail and irony, they all got they eye on me
You’re being dishonest when you say you won’t lie to me
I’ll never stop changing, always creating, thank you for hating
New faces impatient, racing emotions, feeling insatiable
Moving no sound, bound to be me: free. Improvisation
In the waiting room of Life, thoughts that cut like a knife
In the waiting room of life, my words they cut like a knife
Up to one hundred, or maybe 170
If anyone‘s listening, well maybe somebody better be.
Track Name: Decisions
What you don’t have to do, to stay in the loop
Log out and stay cool, be true to blind fools
Future beats old school, you know how we do
Je bois de l’eau et je ne sors pas beaucoup*

Hard to believe what’s so easy to say
Stay in the zone or work for slave pay
Music for the soul like Coltrane and Lady Day
J’ai decide d’y reflechir avant de decider*

Sleeping tight and eating right, to keep my equilibrium
Time fleeting, like broken hearts on any social medium
Write flows to beats, cold rhyme to break the tedium
Sauf soif de vengeance, je pardonne comme un gentilhomme*

Dreaming of bilingual freaks to complete my physique
Sweet Lolita’s make me sneeze and do the cheek to cheek
Never tell you how I feel, strong emotions for the weak
Une femme surrealiste, jamais triste et magique comme l’Afrique*

Faking ambition - release my inner visions
Breaking routines - tease my intermissions
Taking decisions - please my inner rhythm
Living my dreams (is) my freedom of religion

« Le provocateur revolutionnaire ne veut pas changer la societe, mais la detruire. »
Track Name: Bonus Track :: Ons Kent Ons
Ons kent ons met de sponsor over
Uwe lach is een frons, hoe is’t daarboven?
Grijnst niet zo, g’hebt uw vriendjes nodig
Ge zijt zo onzeker, t’is niet te geloven

Ge durft zelfs niet alleen buiten komen
Zonder uwe crew komt dat nooit meer goe
Doe niet zo flou gast, doe niet zo cool
Op’t school waarde gij diene dikke loser

Altijd de leste, De Sul die wij altijd pesten
Met uw mocassins, met uw Chevignon-vestje
‘k em het wa gehad met die wannabe testers
Peter Bedweter, schoenen zonder veters?

Stopt met zeveren, ‘k heb twee-en-zeventig levens
Ik heb nooit hard gestudeerd, voze strever
Ik heb geen dictie gevolgd om te kunnen art-i-cul-eren
En wat zie ik nu op TV: uw gezicht om half zeven?

Hier klopt iets niet..

Stinkend zwijn met uw nationalistisch gezeik
De jaren vijftig zijn voorbij..

Ons kent ons

Je suis le plus fière, t’es trop tiède
Je deviens perso, t’es qu’un blaireau
Tu te bombes le torse, ah ouais t’as pris deux lattes
Tu t’imagines, moi debout, toi a quatre pattes ?
Il est cinq heures du mat.. Ma bite s’éveille
C’est simple, je m’éclate, pendant que tu fais ton MC Corneille
La haine dans ton haleine te fais gonfler comme une baleine

Tu parles le Latin, putain.. Tu viens du moyen age ou bien ?
T’es encore plus laid que ta mère et t’as un petit zizi
T’as des principes Grecques, putain de raciste
Mais t’es con comme nationaliste, j’suis riche avec ta biche
Faut que j’arrete de parler de ta fille, mais ca devient un fetish

J’y peux rien.. elle me suit dans mon lit..
Deux-trois soupirs - oh oui, oh oui, puis un cri assoupi
je fonce, je viens, profond, je retiens
je pars, je glisse, et puis, je pisse
Dans ton œil fils, d’office...

Ons kent ons
Ja we kennen elkaar

The world is in a state of no return
It might cool off before we burn

Last generation is losing inspiration
Only conversating, about the money situation

I need immediate feeds for my immediate needs

Do you wanna be a follower?
Do you wanna be a real leader?